Case Management / Service Coordination

Case management is a fixed point of entry for individuals who are in need of services from Josephine, Curry and Coos Counties.  The program documents eligibility for services and funding; assesses individual needs; assists the individual and his/her family to obtain services; coordinates individual's plan for work, training, medical care, recreation and living situation; monitors the provision of services; provides consultation to providers and families and is responsible for the appropriateness and quality of services to individual clients.  CLCM also provides complaint and grievance issues with all contracted provider organization.


Pat Allen-Sleeman
Executive Director
Phone - (503) 941-5256 ext. 111 

Josephine, Douglas, Curry & Coos County:

Sue Gordon
Operations Director
(541) 474-6072 ext. 303

Coos and Curry County:
Mathew Clark
Program Manager

Phone-(541)  266-7300 ext 16 coos

Phone - (541) 813-1867 ext. 301-curry

Douglas County

Michelle Pardon

Program Manager

541-315-4300 ext.202

Or the office manager/receptionist can take a referral for an intake appointment.

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