Adult Protective Services

CLCM is responsible in Josephine, Douglas, Curry and Coos Counties for offering protective services for individuals with developmental disabilities who are over 18.  These services are provided when abuse or neglect is suspected.  Adult abuse may include unusual death, neglect of care or neglect of supports such as failure to provide food, shelter or medicine, physical violence or unexplained physical injuries, financial exploitation or the use of the person, abandonment, emotional and verbal mistreatment or abuse, violation of a person's rights, sexual exploitation and abuse and harassment. CLCM employees and many community professionals including service providers, medical professionals, social workers and police officers are mandatory reporters of adult abuse.  To report suspected abuse or neglect, contact the CLCM main office in the area you reside.


Any Services Coordinator:

Josephine County:
Phone: (541) 474-6072

Coos County:
Phone: (541) 266-7300

Curry County:
Phone - (541) 813-1867

Douglas County:
Phone - (541) 315-4300

Mid-Columbia (Wasco, Sherman, and Hood River counties):
Phone - (541) 716-0135


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